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With Bompay, we are redefining the way people and businesses
engage with their finances. With a passion for innovation and
a commitment to simplifying complex financial processes, we
have emerged as a leading force in the fintech industry.

With a team of dedicated experts in finance, technology, and
customer service, we continuously push the boundaries of what's
possible in the world of finance.

Our Product Launch Dates

Cutting-edge technology, Fast, secured and 24/7 support if you need us urgently. Just a few of the
reasons our customers trust us to make a better decition.

JAN, 2023


Bompay app version one was released in January 2023

MAR, 2013


BomERP version one was released in March 2023

MAY, 2013


BomStore is an ecommerce platform for SME's was released in May 2023

DEC, 2013


Best solution for buying, selling and storing of crypto coming soon

MAY, 2013


BomEvent is a ticket selling platform which was release May 2023

DEC, 2013


More products of Bompay coming soon

What customers say

We place a strong emphasis on understanding and valuing the opinions of people, particularly our cherished
customers, when it comes to their perceptions of our brand.

I've been their customer for years, and they've made managing my finances a breeze. I strongly recommend their services.

Ken Ikenna

CEO & Founder - Bizstack

Security is a top priority for me, and I appreciate that Bompay goes above and beyond to protect my data and accounts.

Ugochukwu Victor

CEO - Afri-Florencer

I've had a fantastic experience with their customer support. They're responsive and genuinely care about resolving any issues or questions I have.

Kenn Gallagher

CEO & Founder